My name is Nicholas and I am a magician. I cast spells to entrance, encourage, protect, and evolve. I handcraft each piece with extreme intention and affection.

Have an idea? Like a color? Obsessed with a gem? I prefer to make custom pieces and can make just about anything you can dream up! We can work closely together to realize the perfect partner for you. Please feel free to contact me with requests, ideas, criticism, or commissions:




Many thanks to you for supporting me in pursuing my passions, you are the reason I am able to spread joy and magic to the world — Huzzah!

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I am available for custom work:

Yes, even the earth carries memory; slow, deliberate, ancient. Colossal thoughts crystallized into endless rivers of color and form. One can remember alongside the earth, should they find the patience to listen.

We have rent shards from these great rivers, dispersed them across the globe. Some are lost and forgotten, others hidden away for safekeeping. Sometimes, when fate matches the lines of great fortune, a powerful song of binding is woven. Each coil augmenting forgotten detail into vibrant resonance. The result is a partnership, forged between the fragment and the wearer.

This is not mere jewelry, but wizardry; binding old to young, immortal to mortal, earth to man. I am the wizard of wire, I sing these songs of binding.